Hi there, Chad Rego here, and I have to say I feel truly blessed that I have been able to run my own business and work online for nearly 2 decades.


I started out just like everyone else; at the first step of a very long journey on a road filled with many bumps, twists, turns, uphills, and downhills.

Over the years I've had much success on this road wearing the hats of the marketer, web designer, programmer, graphic designer, product creator, and video creator.


The road is not always an easy one filled with success. There are many road blocks that can keep a person from moving forward. I'm still learning to navigate this adventurous road, step by step.

Taking the First Step of Your Journey

I've started this blog for the dreamers. The ones that want to follow their heart, and believe that they can live a life of success. This is for the people that know, deep inside, they can create a successful business online!

firststepsTaking the first step to get started with your online business could your be the most difficult.

I want to encourage you to take that first step. It's way worth it. Although I've never met you, I believe anyone can do this. I really do. With encouragement and support I believe a person can do anything they put their hearts into!

It's a long journey but a wonderful and adventurous one. My journey on this road has not ended yet so I hope you join me, I'd be more then happy to have you as a companion, every step of the way!

Why This Blog?

I would learn along my journey that true success comes when realized gifts from within are shared from the whole heart with joy, outwardly, expecting nothing in return.

“Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life; it's about what you inspire others to do.” — Unknown

As I've always wanted to be a teacher and a author of a book, a blog is the perfect medium to fulfill my longing to teach, write, inspire, and give help.

aboutgivingfromtheheartOne of the greatest joys in my life is helping and giving to others! I enjoy seeing the smile on a person's face when I'm able to give by teaching, encouraging, supporting, being kind, understanding, and by just doing it all with a passion and love for their benefit.

Well, that gift of giving gives back because it puts a big smile on my face and brings joy and happiness to my heart. Freaking awesome stuff!

One of Merriam Webster's Dictionary definitions of GIFT is: the act, right, or power of giving

So I can say that my gift to you is the InComeSuccess.com blog; where I can inspire and encourage you to live your dreams of running a successful business online and I can give you the tools to do so by teaching you what I've learned on my journey.

The following quote from Goethe resonates to why I created this blog:

“If you treat an individual as he is, he will remain how he is. But if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become what he ought to be and could be” ~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I want you to be where “you ought to be” and where you “could be”.

The main goal for my blog is to encourage you and treat you as if you are already there, where you want to be. With the end-outcome in mind that you will pass what you've learned here, happily with your heart, to someone else so that they too can live their dreams!

I made this blog to teach you what I've learned and what I'm still learning about running a business online.

I want to go further and point out that success is not only about how much money you make or how much awards, accomplishments, and credit you'll get for your business, real success only comes in business when you've had success within. So, on this blog, I'll be teaching you what I've learned about that too!

So, right now, I encourage you to be courageous and take the first step into your wonderful and adventurous journey to where you want be!