How To Earn Money Online With No Website, No Product, No Paid Traffic, Or Marketing Experience


I'm always looking and learning about new ways I can enhance my online business and recently I was shown one method that really peaked my interest that I will be sharing with you in this post.

Now, I just wanted to say, this is on going as I've just learned this business tactic from fellow marketer Morrick Lee, but I will be keeping updates on the effectiveness and tweaks I may do to this method on my blog.

Morrick's Facebook Group course is out now. This is the same business model I'm teaching here but more in depth.

Morrick's Facebook Group course is out now. This is the same business model I'm teaching here but more in depth.

Since I just started my blog here (something I've been wanting to do for years) I thought this would be the perfect first experimental marketing, case-study kind of thingy, I can share with you, because I truly believe this method can work for you even if you don't have a website or your own product.

Not only that, I really like this method and I'm going to be using it because I know it will enhance the things I want to do with my online business. So, it's a perfect topic for one of my first blog posts!

Now, the guys I've learned this method from are literally raking in $10K+ a month doing this, so yea, I'm all in and as you will find out by reading this article that it's a sound, smart, a great tactic to make money online…yes, without a website.

So, how does one go about making money online with no website or product?

Well, it's starts with making a Facebook Group.

“What? A Facebook Group?”. Why yes, a Facebook  Group.

Why A Facebook Group?


Creating a Facebook group allows you to tap into the enormous traffic flow within Facebook without a website! Imagine that!

Well, because Facebook is a traffic powerhouse. In 2015 it was the first time ever 1 billion people used Facebook in a single day! They say 1 out of 7 people on earth have used Facebook to connect with family and friends. You can tap into an endless amount of traffic there, if you know how.

You can tap into this traffic with a Facebook Group with no website and with no paid Facebook traffic too.

Many businesses have taken advantage of Facebook Pages to market, communicate, and update their clients, but not many have used Facebook Groups.

A Facebook Group is very easy to create and setup. I'll be showing you what I learned on the “correct way” to setup a Facebook Group for this method later in this post.

But first…..

Why I Will Be Personally Using This Method

Connect with your audience

With a Facebook Group you make it easier for your audience to connect with you because they don't have the fear of their family or friends seeing what they write. It can be more personal and don't we all want that with our audience?

Before I go more into this method I want to go over why I personally will like this method and will be using it with my own business.

Facebook Pages are great for any online business or brand, but on those pages communication between the page owner and it's fans are very general and broad. Many people are reserved on the pages because of the simple fear that their friends or family may see what they write.

Also, in a Facebook Group you have control of who's in the group and only invite people you want in there who add value to the group and kick out those who don't.

I really like both points there as I've been trying to find a way that I can connect more personally with my loyal customers in an environment where they felt safe to ask questions, and be able to share freely and connect with other members of the group.With a Facebook Group you have a dedicated, open environment, for members to share their interests.

Of course, another reason I will be using this method is to tap into the crazy traffic at Facebook and get new targeted audiences that I can connect with, and, lol, kick them out if they don't bring value to the group (see, as to why I like the more control part of having a group =)).

I will be using this method because it makes the connection with your audience more personal, and that I like a lot!

How Does This Help Me Earn Money Online Without A Website?

OK, when you can connect in a personal way with your audience in this kind of environment, when you can share freely and they can share back, what happens?

No Website Required

No Website Required. When you can connect personally with your audience in the group and build trust with them, you don't need a website. You can simply make sales by showing them products that you personally recommend.

You build a strong and trusting relationship with your audience. In a group you can get closer to your audience better than a Facebook Page.

Now, when people become a member of your group they need to “request to join” so they are there because they are interested in the topic of your group. So, you can share a lot of value, which I always believe comes first in business.

When you share a lot of value with this group they will become the loyal fans of yours as long as you don't break their trust and keep offering them valuable information they can use or recommend, let's say, products they can use.

When someone you trust recommends a product that they have used and they sincerely think that it could help you, well, you are more likely to go and check that product out, maybe even buy it.

This is how this works, but you need to be true and you need to be real. I'll go more into this in a later post as there is lots to cover and I have much experimenting to do with this method as of yet.

So, how does it help earn money? Without a Website?

First, the Facebook Group is free to create and you don't need a website to create one. Secondly, building a loyal following is not that hard to do if you put value first and raving fans of yours will buy other peoples products from you if you are real, true, and really come from the standing point of caring and wanting to help the members of your group succeed with whatever it may be.

So, now that I got that out of the way, what are are we waiting for? Let's get started…

Creating Your Facebook Group & Setting It Up the “Correct Way” For This Method

When creating your Facebook Group there are several important things that need to be done in the setup. In this section I'll show you how to create your Facebook Group and how it needs to be setup for this method. Watch the video below to see how to create your Facebook Group for this method.

[covertplayervideooptin troptinsid=”cpoptin1″ trvideoid=”cpvideo2″]

Creating Your Facebook Group Cover Image In Gimp

In this video I go over creating your Facebook Group Cover in GImp. This is a free program to create and edit images. You can get GImp by clicking here. In this video I also show you how to upload your Facebook Cover to your Facebook group.

[covertplayervideooptin troptinsid=”cpoptin1″ trvideoid=”cpvideo3″]

Well, that's all for today, next I'll be posting more details on how to actually start making money with your Facebook Group.

If you are interested when I get those new posts finished click the button below and I'll be sure to keep you updated.

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How To Earn Money Online With No Website, No Product, No Paid Traffic, Or Marketing Experience