Tribal Profits Review


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Well, here's a review of Morrick Lee's wonderful course that I'll be using in my business.  If you haven't checked out my more detailed post on how this method works, you can do so by clicking here.

Where You Can Get Tribal Profits:

If your interested in Tribal Profits you can get it by clicking here.

Anyone purchasing through my link will be invited to my closed group where we will help each other out and share our tips with this method.

Simply take a screenshot of your receipt after you purchase and email it to me at:chademail

Don't know how to make a screenshot? Click here to see my video.

Course Specs:

58 pages of awesome content and knowledge! Teaches you how to make money online without an website, product, or marketing experience using Facebook Groups.

Chapters In Course:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Right Mindset
Chapter 3: How to Create Facebook Group
Chapter 4: Tribal Profits Blueprint
Component #1: Brand Yourself and Your Group
Component #2: Description Power (House Rules)
Component #3: Videos Power
Component #4: Photos Power
Component #5: Pinned Post
Component #6: Create Events
Component #7: Welcoming New Tribe Members
Component #8: Less Can Be More
Component #9: Be Patient
Component #10: Kick Out Members If Necessary
Component #11: Engage Your Tribe
Component #12: Content Creation Strategies
Component #13: Good Content Sources
Component #14: Be Personal: Use “I”
Component #15: Talk to Your Tribe Like a Friend
Component #16: Don’t Spoon Feed
Component #17: Update Your Tribe
Component #18: Respect
Component #19: Reputable Administrator
Component #20: Traffic Sources
Component #21: Monetization
Chapter 5: Conclusion

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Tribal Profits Review
How To Earn Money Online With No Website, No Product, No Paid Traffic, Or Marketing Experience